The Ultimate Guide To Teeth Enhancement


No one can ignore how teeth play an important role in our body functioning. These are the toughest compounds in our bodies. Teeth are necessary for chewing, but they also play a crucial role in communication. The human teeth function to mechanically break down items of food by cutting and crushing so we can eat. Our teeth have evolved to be incredibly strong and aligned perfectly for efficient chewing. These traits were evolved for them to function in a certain oral environment. Not all the humans are same and accordingly, the shapes of teeth vary in all of us. Some humans teeth are naturally shorter, longer, larger or smaller than others. The edges of certain teeth aren’t perfectly straight and may have minor ridges, giving them a grooved appearance. And your doctor won’t recommend any enhancements until they are creating any health issues. However, there are cosmetic options available for us to change the way a tooth looks.

Enhancing Teeth

Enhancing what has been naturally given to us is not an easy task and sometimes becomes mandatory as well. As said, the tooth shapes may vary due to natural or our daily habits. So a dentist may advise for such a procedure. After all attractive smiles are more important than people may realize and provide the best introduction when meeting others. Dental treatments like whitening the teeth, replacing missing or damaged teeth, repairing cracks, closing gaps, receding gum treatment and shaping them may cost are heavy toll but if done with full care gives us satisfying results.

Receding gum treatment

These cosmetic treatments are not what everyone desires to go through. Many of us have even the anxiety about dental treatments but sometimes above all, we can face worse tooth diseases like gum recession. Receding gums is called when gum tissues that surround our teeth start to wear away, exposing their roots, which often happens because of the bacterial infection. Up to an extent it is considered normal when a person ages. But increase in symptoms like swelling, bleeding, visibility in shrinking gums and exposure to roots are sign to visit your doctor asap. For receding gum treatment, a dentist might suggest scaling and root planing. A two-part procedure first includes all the plaque and hardened tartar above and below the gum line to be removed. Then comes root planing, which is the smoothing of teeth roots to help the gums reattach to the teeth. It is not a one-visit procedure and may require many visits as per need. To prevent the infection from building up again, required medications are advised after the treatment as well.


It’s better not to be the kind of person who doesn’t even brush his teeth. If not possible twice, at least brush your teeth once a day to avoid building bacteria. Just like an apple every day keeps the doctor away. Likewise, healthy habits every day protects us in every way.