Dental Bridge & Dental Implant, Which One Is The Best Choice?

The big concern for patients who lost one or multiple teeth is the adverse effects of missing teeth on their appearance. However, tooth loss may have a lot of surprising consequences, including the possible movement of your other teeth, the high risk of tooth decay and cavities, jaw bone resorption, etc. Individuals need to consult with professional dentists to find the best restoration for missing teeth. Luckily, cosmetic dentistry treatments provide various options with appreciated outcomes to restore your missing teeth. According to Dr. Shahdad Ayoughi, a successful cosmetic dentist offering teeth implants in Vancouver, among different dental treatments, dental implants, and dental bridges are highly requested by many patients worldwide. If you would like to realize which one of these recommended options will work the best for you, continue reading this helpful article.

Dental Bridge

According to countless satisfied patients, dental bridges can be a great choice to restore your smile along with experiencing a more natural feeling, same as your permanent teeth. Your professional dentist will carefully examine the surrounding teeth before placing the dental bridges to determine if they are strong enough to support them. If they diagnose that the adjacent teeth should be strengthened, several dental treatments are available to reach this goal. It should be noted that dental bridges are the most cost-effective option compared with other restoration procedures and also are the best choice for those who can’t stand more complicated methods that require several visits to the dentists. If you are one of those patients scared of dental surgery, dental bridges are simple dental treatments that don’t need any dental surgery.

In contrast, some potential side effects are better to consider before choosing dental bridges to restore your missing teeth.

Altering Adjacent Teeth: As we mentioned above, the adjacent teeth should be strengthened before the placement of dental bridges. Some dental specialists consider this process a positive point despite others that claim healthy teeth shouldn’t be altered.

Replacement May Required: dental bridges are not permanent solutions because they are not drilled into the gum. They need to be replaced every seven years to avoid possible damage to the surrounded teeth.

Dental Implant

Nowadays, using a dental implant to restore missing teeth is the hottest topic worldwide. There are a lot of success keys for dental implants, the most natural look and function, long-lasting missing teeth replacement, prevent bone loss, ease to take care of, etc.

As everyone knows, each treatment may associate with some disadvantages. A dental implant may have some minor drawbacks that you need to be aware of before scheduling a time to restore missing teeth with this method.

Dental Implants Are Costly: however, a dental implant isn’t considered an affordable option; the appreciated results are well worth the price.

A Set of Requirements May Necessary: Since bone loss can interfere with the successful dental implant process, you need to be under several treatments to reach good oral health. Otherwise, you shouldn’t expect your dental implant surgery to be performed correctly, and your surgery may fail.