Work Differently From Traditional Healing Concepts On Behavioral Dysfunctions

Unquestionably the human brain is the most complex learning subject for medical scientists and health care physicians. This vital organ executes tasks and maintains control over the functionalities of a human being on every aspect how they behave, react and respond in different circumstances. Neuroscience is a colossal area which has been dedicated to understand the architecture of brain, how it controls and coordinates as a completely focused executor.

So long the subject concerns neuroscience or behavioral medicine, the name of the global personality Dr. Curtis Cripe remains unprompted. He is an illustrious academic lead, a visionary, a discerning researcher and committed developer of the most up-to-the-minute healing procedures to effectively address the regular to most critical psychological complications and brain-oriented disorders. As a great counselor, guide and researcher his contribution to the world of neuroscience and Neuroengineering will be remembered at all times.

Currently, the insightful neuroscientist and neuroengineer has been operating as the Lead R&D at the universally famed NTL Group, Inc. While playing his key role in NTL’s research and development cell, he used to direct his entire team of neuroscientists, psychologists, researchers and solution developers for making the things done.

At NTL, to deal with the most critical cases, he analyze the brain wave-forms, uses the mental and physical matrices and also studies the complete medical history of patients suffer from the lethal brain disorders such as Anxiety Disorder, Depression Disorder, ADHD, ASD and all other psychological complexities caused by stroke, brain injury and nervous system disorders.

The major areas where he has been devotedly focused include psycho-physiology, psychology, brain-based impediments and addiction recovery. No wonder, as of today, the area is one of the most widespread global problems related to kids to teens and youngsters to elderly. The believer of 100% custom based rehab solutions Dr. Curtis together with his team has successfully introduced the most advent-grade solutions NueroCodex and NeuroCoach which are ideally designed to address individualized brain dysfunctions and find remedial steps.

NueroCodex is an analysis software as well as Neuro-Imaging tool that help spot the exact area of the brain causing dysfunction. It is, on the other hand, NeuroCoach, is its counterpart application software which shows the most appropriate remedial steps and therapies to repair cognitive or brain disorder mainly cause due to trauma brain injury, stroke, neuro- developmental problems and addiction to illicit Substances.

Crossroads Institute is his brainchild which has grown into a multifaceted, multi-site global organization since inception. The esteemed organization and research hub spread over seven states all across the US is focused to offer brain training solution systems based on the unique internet management platform. As an globally respected researcher, scientist and founder of new generation concepts on behavioral healing systems, he is often invited to present his views on behavioral and neuroscience developments as the chief guest in medical conferences held all over the globe.

Among them one is Alaska Brain Injury Conference where he was the Chief speaker. Curtis Cripe initiated his professional career as an aerospace engineer and he performed for Jet Propulsion Lab located in California as the lead system engineer or the research hub. There, he was actively involved in the huge aerospace project work related to Mars landing for the first time by the spacecraft Viking 1.