Exploring The Meaning Of The Three Doshas In Siddha Veda

Treatment with the help of Siddha medicine is quite an ancient healing procedure and uses the healing treatments based on the Siddha Veda. The technique of the Siddha Veda treatment is quite similar to that of the Ayurveda treatment. In the Ayurveda treatment, doctors treat patients by balancing the three “doshas”. It is believed that every individual is made up of the three “doshas” and five elements which include earth, fire, water, air and space.

Given below is a detailed discussion of these three “doshas”:

  • The first “dosha” is called the vata and it is a combination of space and air. People who possess this “dosha” have dark and dry skin, small thin lips and dark hair. In most cases these people suffer from constipation and either have a very high sex drive or do not have it at all. In most cases these people urinate very frequently and perspire less. This type of people also loves traveling.
  • The second “dosha”is called the pitta and it is made up of water and fire. People who constitute of this “dosha” mostly have colored hair with fair complexion. In most cases their mouth is of an average size and their teeth are small and yellow in color. They are ambitious, very passionate with sex, have a high appetite, get thirsty very often, and are very intelligent and jealous. They have a very clear and sharp voice and are in most cases very light sleepers.
  • The third “dosha” is called Kapha. This “dosha” is a combination of a little bit of earth with water. People who constitute of this “dosha” are mainly overweight, large and have very thick skin. They have very strong white teeth and full lips. In most cases they have a slow monotonic voice and have an appetite which is quite steady. They are comfortable around people and surroundings they know. They require a deep sleep and are very much business oriented.

Pankaj Naram is quite a reputed doctor and just by touching the pulse of a person with three fingers he is able to understand the “dosha” which is most prominent in an individual. He is also able to find out the imbalance that is there in the body of an individual. After getting an idea about this he creates a wellness plan for the individual and tries to cure him keeping in mind the blocks, the “doshas” and the imbalances in him.

Dr. Naram is referred to as the Master healer and has been treating patients for a number of years. He has also received a number of awards and recognition because of his exceptionally good treatment procedure. He ensures that his patients are able to get the best treatments at the most optimal rate. He also wants people all across the globe to know about his ancient healing techniques. He also hosts a TV show by the name of “Yoga for You” which is broadcast along 169 countries across the globe.