Understanding Plastic Surgery And Its Processes In Details From Dr. Alton Ingram

When you hear of someone going under plastic surgery, what is the first thing that comes in your mind? Is it the image of a Hollywood star who is trying to hide the effects of aging on her face? Or do you find an image of a fat chubby man who is trying to reduce his belly? These are some of the stereotypical images that will always come to your mind anytime you want it. While this is an image of plastic surgery as a luxurious commodity, there is an image of plastic surgery as a necessity as well. Have you ever thought of the little kid who needs a plastic surgery just because a dog has bitten him on his cheeks? This is exactly where plastic surgery starts making some serious sense, believes Dr. Alton Ingram.

What Is Plastic Surgery?

Asking a layman about plastic surgery will give you some stereotypical concepts of an individual having a fake face just because you get to hear the term ‘plastic.’ It isn’t the synthetic substance that molds your face to a different shape; instead, it is an incisive process which changes the entire appearance of the person with simple drugs.

Here are two types of plastic surgery described in details:

  • The reconstructive procedures of plastic surgery involve the defects on the face or the body. So if you have got a birthmark which hampers your daily appearance, or there are any deformities in any of your body parts, the reconstructive procedures help you to get it back in shape. Often catastrophic incidents like a burn or a dog bite leave an awful mark on the human skin, which needs to be sensitively dealt.
  • The Cosmetic procedure of plastic surgery is all about altering the body part which isn’t satisfactory to the individual. Generally, breast enlargement, liposuction, rhinoplasty are some of the common methods of cosmetic procedure. However, these aren’t surgeries in the true sense, and the special laser treatments have made it way better than the pre-used techniques.

Is It Necessary For Teens to Get a Plastic Surgery?

Going through the records of reasons that the teens in Florida give while taking an appointment for plastic surgery, Dr. Alton Ingram finds it quite interesting. It is the peer pressure to look good that mostly drives the teenagers to go under plastic surgery. On the contrary, the adults find it as the medium to stand out from the crowd and make themselves noticeable. So, the entire state of mind and thought process is different for both the teenagers and the adults.

It is the lack of contentment which drives people to go under plastic surgery, and they expect these cosmetic procedures can change their entire look. Both the reconstructive and cosmetic procedures are tested proof and without much side effects, but since you will be distorting the natural look, you cannot expect it to give you a natural look. It is an ornament that you choose to wear a lifetime.