Dr. Roger Olade – Health Risks Of A Sedentary Lifestyle

Most people across the world are nowadays leading a sedentary lifestyle. They sit at home, and when they reach the workplace, they sit at their computers for approximately 9-10 hours a day. They hardly move about physically, and when they reach home, they feel tired and fatigued. There has been extensive research in the field, and the shocking news is ‘excessive sitting” is as harmful to your body as smoking.

Dr. Roger Olade- negative effects of excessive sitting

Dr. Roger Olade is a leading name in the field of healthcare and medicine across the world. He is the Chief Medical Director of Genesis Specialist Hospital in Lagos. He is primarily based in Athens, Texas. He is a specialist in the field of internal medicine and general practice. He is an inspiring figure in medical projects, academic research, and articles. He says that many patients come to him with common and complex diseases in Texas. The primary cause for most of them is excessive sitting and the lack of exercise. He adds that medical experts like him are spreading awareness about the potential risks of sedentary behavior. Adults and children have to get out and exercise.

How does sedentary behavior affect your life?

Sedentary behavior primarily causes several illnesses and diseases. Cardiovascular complications, diabetes Type 2, neck and back pain, weight gain, etc. are the common health problems people face when they spend too much time sitting at home or in the office.

It affects your mental health as well

He adds that there has been researches conducted on adults with a sedentary lifestyle and it has been discovered that it affects a person mentally as well. People that spend a long- time sitting face psychological distress and become victims of depression. Most of the time, people who are not physically active stay at home and watch TV. There has been research esconducted showing that too much of sitting has been linked to anxiety as well.

The need for at least 30 minutes of physical activity to combat illnesses

Dr. Olade says that action should be taken by the person to exercise at least for 30 minutes every day. This is a simple thing that men and women of all ages can do. Physical activity does not mean that you need to get up and work out hours at the gym. Simple activities like walking, climbing the stairs, bicycle, jogging, etc. can go the extra mile in giving you good health. When it comes to young children and teenagers, parents should encourage them to go out and play. They should be introduced to sports like football, tennis, basketball, cricket, etc. so that they play in groups and are physically active from a young age to keep disease and other medical disorders at bay.

Dr. Roger Olade says that you can bid adieu to many common and complex diseases if you devote 30 minutes of your day to exercise. This is a great investment you can make for yourself and your family with success!