The Benefits Of Implant Med That You Should Have Today

Anyone can believe that the true key to having great teeth is to brush daily after each meal but the reality is that sometimes, plant surgeries with tools like Implant Med is the only solution in having great looking teeth. Here is a brief introduction on the device that every dentist will be sure to want.

At a glance

The Implant Med may look like a formidable piece of hardware at first glance but if you delve under the hood a little bit, you will see the truth. In general, dentists know that any sort of surgery can be difficult and complicated, that is why the Implant Med is made for easy usage and that is why it is necessary when it comes to performing surgeries. The signature Implant Med motor is nothing short of a marvel in technology because it is specially designed to not only be very short for added precision but it is also incredibly light!

Equipped with a 5.5 Ncm torque in the motor and providing a wide speed range that varies between 300 rpm to 40,000 rpm, the hardware is definitely made to resemble something like an ultimate solution no matter the situation. For sewing up purposes, the Implant Med comes with an automatic function that allows it to cut threads and comes with all necessary cables.

The advantages every dentist should never go without

 The Implant Med comes with five presets from the factory, two of which are designed for use in ancillary surgical procedures while the other three are for use in various stages of implant treatment for patients. The best thing about this product is that it comes with a handy display that is both easy to read and features very user-friendly function keys which ensures ease of use at all times.

In terms of irrigation needs of the patient’s mouth, the Implant Med comes readily equipped with the capability to provide either internal or external sterile irrigation with a pump. When it comes to precision surgery, nothing else beats the Implant Med as it is equipped with an automatic torque control that is also adjustable between 5 to 70 Ncm. This will further increase the accuracy of the dentist when performing the surgery and this is definitely one of the main reasons why Implant Med is always the market’s first choices.

In conclusion, it doesn’t matter whether you think your patient will need the functions and capabilities of Implant Med because at the end of the day, you are the one responsible for how they will look like. Don’t you think you should protect both yourself and your patients with a capable machine like the Implant Med?