Significance Of Baby Kicks

With the help of a baby kick count you can have an idea about the number of kicks? It points to the fact that happiness is inside the stomach and is going to venture out anytime to embrace your life with a sense of happiness. The kicks of the baby are indeed special and do help your partner to connect with the baby. It is not only that it points to the fact that the fetus does show a positive development. Once you go through the above facts you do feel the miracle of pregnancy.

It points to a healthy baby along with normal development

When the baby kicks are emerging it is clear that the baby is developing inside the womb. It is pretty obvious that the baby is in an active stage when the baby rolls and switches to and fro. A flutter or a feeling of swish could be felt when the baby does go on to stretch the limbs. It has to be said that these movements do become all the more distinct towards the fag end of your pregnancy.

The baby is prone to respond with regards to external stimuli

Babies do kick in response to the change in the external environment. The external stimuli that you consume in the form of food can lead to different noises that do make the baby move or kick.

  • The baby is known to respond to sounds- once the baby touches 20 weeks the fetus is known to respond to low pitched sounds which does increase to high pitched sounds as and when the pregnancy progresses. All these movements do point to the normal growth patterns of the baby.
  • Response to foods- Normally the mother eats a lot of foods during pregnancy and here the baby is being introduced to the various flavours with the aid of amniotic acid. In fact the baby is known to respond to this smell in the form of likes and dislikes

When you sleep on the side the baby kicks are being felt more

A pregnancy kick counter is of the opinion that kicks are being felt more when you do sleep on the left side. The main reason for it is that the supply of blood does increase when the baby is sleeping on the left side. In this process their movements are being improved.

When the mother sleeps on the back the baby is known to become less active. In this manner oxygen is being conserved and research points to the fact that babies tend to be more active when the mother is on the left or the right side. If the mother is known to change their position while sleeping and this could be from left to back while sleeping the baby is known to quickly change the state of activity.

To conclude, pregnancy kick counter is of utmost importance as far as counting kicks of the baby is concerned. You are able to figure out that the baby is in active stage.