Self-Help Tips To Cure Your Mental Health – Things A Teen Can Try Before Getting A Therapist

It can’t be denied that the teen years are tough and it is perfectly okay to feel irritable, frustrated and sad every moment. All teenagers face such issues and they often find it tough to handle them on their own. If you see that these feelings don’t go away and if they seem to be too intense, it’s time that you understand you’re suffering from depression. However, there’s good news that you need not fret about this because there’s help available and you will have more power on your mood than what you may perceive.

Symptoms and signs of teen depression

It is indeed tough to describe how depression feels and at the same time, all teens don’t go through depression in a similar way. While there are several counselors, both online and offline, who can help you overcome such issues, yet it is better to go through a mental health guide like to know how to fight against it before seeking help of a therapist. Here are few common symptoms of depression among teens.

  • Constant feeling of irritation, anger and sadness
  • Feeling of giving up, surrendering as nothing seems to work for you
  • Feelings of worthlessness, guilt and hopelessness
  • Either too much or too less sleep
  • Crying at almost anything and everything
  • Unexplained headaches and physical issues
  • A sudden loss or gain in weight without you trying out anything
  • Lack of concentration and plummeting grades
  • Feelings of hopelessness and helplessness
  • Suicidal feelings

How to cope with suicidal thoughts

In case your negative feelings which you feel due to depression reach an overwhelming stage where you’re not able to see that you’re harming others, you require seeking help right away. There are suicidal helpline where you can talk confidentially or you may even visit ASP or Here are few suggestions which can let you go through this situation.

  • There’s always a solution though you may not see it now

There have been many who have attempted suicide but they have survived and they did it because they felt there wasn’t any viable solution to their problem that they were going through. Due to the fact that they didn’t find any other way, they attempted suicide though they didn’t want to die. You should wait for the emotion to pass.

  • You don’t become a bad person when you have thoughts of hurting others

Depression can make you feel bad about yourself and you may think that people are taking you as a bad person who is out of character. Remember that there’s noone who is judging you for your behavior.

  • Make sure you’re not alone during such situations

Although you always won’t be able to speak about your feelings to everyone but you should always have someone along with you so that the person can save you.

Therefore, when you’re facing depression as a teen, try your best to help yourself before you rush to a therapist. When things get out of control, seek professional help.