What Does Science Say About Addictions?

Porn addiction might seem harmless but is not and it is scientifically proven. Through various studies, science shows how porn is addictive and destructive to your body. Porn has destroyed many people’s career, relationship, etc. It might start as a harmless watching, but if not controlled correctly it will turn to addiction soon. No addiction is good for the health and mind. And porn addiction is one of the worst.

Once you are addicted to this it will change your view of life in a negative sense.

How porn affects your mental and physical health?

  • First and the main problem which is seen among porn addicts is that a person’s brain or mind goes to bond with pornography instead of their partner. You know very well where the last time you got the satisfaction and you keep going there and without your knowledge, you are addicted to porn
  • Porn gives or makes a person high which is not natural. This high increases dopamine in the brain but after it passes it makes the person wanting more but because of the fatigue the brain goes through, the level of satisfaction can’t be reached thus disappointing the person in the process. This makes the person seek more intense porn in order to feel that high
  • All this creates imbalance in brain which leads to many problems like anxiety, the person masturbates often but can’t or have very less satisfaction, no focus, ruins sex life with their partner, watch more bizarre or weird porn

This way porn affects both the mental and physical health of a person and also ruins the person’s life. These are a way through which science shows how porn is addictive and destructive to your body.

Stages of Porn Addiction

The stages of porn addiction can be classified into 5 groups. They are Exposure to porn, Addiction to porn, Escalation, Desensitization and lastly Sexually acting out. The last stage is very dangerous for a person and people around them. Most people get to watch porn at an early stage of life and that sets a mental picture with unrealistic things. Then to get to that level of satisfaction people keep watching porn. Then comes escalation which basically makes you look for more graphic or intense porn which you wouldn’t watch when you started.

Then comes desensitization is where you keep watching more and more intense porn but feel nothing. You try to find a way through which you can get satisfied but without any luck. And this leads to the last stage which is sexually acting out. In here, they seek the thrill of excitement in the real world which can easily turn to sexual crime or sexual abuse.

According to science addictions like these, are harmful to people and people around them. Science shows how porn is addictive and destructive to your body along with the facts that you ruin everything else also in your life. Once the mind is affected by watching porn the deterioration of health will follow it.