Review Of IPLHair Removal System

IPLHair Removal System

IPLHair Removal System

The light spray has a variety of wavelengths, allowing a wearable device to cover a large area of ​​skin at the same time. The best advantage is that these different wavelengths can be used for different purposes on the skin.

The most popular application of ipl service is hair removal. As with laser hair removal, light is transmitted to the skin, thus generating heat in the follicles, creating new hair and hair growing longer. These follicles are damaged by the heat generated by the light spray. The hair that is currently in the follicles falls out and no new hair is formed. Usually it takes several sessions for all follicles to stop producing hair.

IPL can be used to remove hair from most of the body and is preferred by many professionals to other types of laser treatments. However, there are other ways to use this technology. Since the IPL device emits light in multiple wavelengths, it can solve a variety of skin problems. Each wavelength is absorbed by different parts of the skin, allowing a trained practitioner or physician to address specific skin problems using specific wavelengths.

Some of the skin problems that are commonly treated with IPL technology include:

  • Age spots
  • Sunspots
  • Violation of capillaries.

Since a single wavelength emitted by the device can reach fibroblasts in the skin, IPL can stimulate collagen production. It is a natural protein that gives elasticity to the skin. Young people have very firm skin because they have a lot of collagen. Production slows down over time, so many people subsequently complain to their doctors about sagging skin.

The effective application of IPL leaves the skin soft, firm and radiant. It has many uses in addition to permanent hair removal, making it one of the most exciting technological advancements in the beauty industry today.

Who benefits from the IPL?

Patients seeking professional cosmetic services clearly benefit from IPL technology. Many undergo IPL hair removal treatments, while others battle age and sun spots. Everyone benefits from the beautiful skin that comes from the specific wavelengths of the IPL device.

IPL is the procedure of choice today because it reduces pain and gives quick results. The first treatment is usually not enough to get the job done, but within a few sessions most patients experience complete hair loss or see dramatic changes in the sun and age spots.

The only exceptions are people with very light skin or hair. Light waves are attracted to pigment in skin and hair, so it won’t work very well if there isn’t enough pigment to attract light. This is why IPL works so well on the darkest spots on the skin. These spots have more pigment or color, so they absorb more light.