Potential Risks Of Having Frequent Ultrasound Test During Pregnancy

Ultrasonography is definitely a great detection procedure to check the conditions of the baby and the medical necessity of the mother at that stage. Many couples find it the best solution to have an idea of the growth of their baby. But since anything in excess is said to be harmful, there are some bad effects of using ultrasound at regular intervals as well. It is important to take necessary precautions against them as well so that in any condition, baby id never harmed.

Risks Of Frequent Usage Of Ultrasonography

Doctors prescribe this test whenever they feel it is necessary to check the baby but the follow an order and try to create least impact on baby’s health. So parents should never move for an ultrasound test without permission from the doctors and they should carefully check the risks of taking this test many times. People take up baby growth video as a part of the time of pregnancy and it keeps a record of ultrasound treatments showing an anomaly in some cases.

There are lots of research going on regarding the effects of ultrasound on the baby. Some risks that are already found out by doctors are given below:

  1. Ultrasound can show abnormalities in detection procedure. According to expert gynecologists, it was found out that among many women some had issues with pregnancy which were not detected by ultrasound.
  2. There are problems with baby growth because repeated ultrasound can turn fatal to the ears of a baby in its late stages. There are chances of causing hearing issues if a baby is under constant ultrasound testing. Thus avoiding it unless necessary is the best way to control this condition.
  3. Ultrasound directly acts with the tissue and it has the property of heating up the tissue. This process of heating up leads to toxic chemical reactions that can harm the baby.
  4. Since for male babies brain development occurs later, they are more prone to have brain damages due to ultrasound.
  5. Some other health conditions for mothers include premature birth, early labor, low birth weight, prenatal death and may even lead to miscarriages. But some of the grave issues are being researched right now and cannot be made sure about potentially causing such serious threat.
  6. Just like the physical abilities the mental conditions can also be damaged. The babies born with increased ultrasound testing may have issues like Dyslexia, Epilepsy or delayed development of speech.

Some of the threat discussed above are under research so that the possible chances of cure of these issues can be there. Keeping a video of baby growth week by week one can secure their baby right now, from getting ultrasonography done numerous times. Those videos of tests can help the doctors understand the situations.


With the potential risks, one should make sure that they have ultrasonography as the best option for detection. Only when doctors prescribe, the mothers should go for ultrasound testing.