An Overview Of Power Assisted Lipo Suction

The Power Assisted Lipo Suction is one of the best and the most popular lipo suction procedures followed by the cosmetic surgeons these days. In this procedure, the surgeon takes out the extra fat from the body by using small tubes and suctions. However the uniqueness of the Power Assisted Lipo Suction lies in the method that the cosmetic surgeon uses to break the fatty tissues in order to get the fat out of the body. However lot of the result and the recovery of this treatment depend on the way the fatty tissues are broken. With the help of Power Assisted Lipo Suction the fat gets loosened very easily which helps in its easy removal from the body.

In the traditional Lipo Suction process the fat tissues are broken by thursting  with the help of a Cannula and a Lipo Suction Wand, however with Power Assisted Lipo Suction, the fatty tissues are broken without causing much swelling and bruising because it uses a Cannula that  is able to vibrate and with the help of this process the fats get broken in the body, which is later suctioned out.

There are many benefits of a Power Assisted Lipo Suction and if you want to know about it in details, then you can go through the list given below:

  • The fat is broken with the help of rapid vibrations of the cannula and so, it becomes easier to remove the loose fat from the body and often leads to a larger volume of the fat being removed.
  • The Cannula that can vibrate is easily able to take out the fat from the body and the surgeon does not have to forcefully break the fat which causes in lesser brusing and faster recovery process.
  • More fat can be removed at a shorter period of time, so the chances of risks and complications are quite less.
  • Since a tiny vibrating cannula is used, so the surgeons are able to get the fats out of the targeted area with higher precision.
  • Since the procedure causes lesser bruises, so less trauma is caused to the tissues surrounding it.

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