Newest Approaches For Hair Loss Treatment In Singapore

Hair loss is a common reality that most women and men are likely to face sooner as they get older. However, in men sometimes it takes place at an early age. Hair loss effects usually occur as a result of genetic traces. Other factors such as illness, stress, unsuitable nutrition, imbalance, skin diseases or even pregnancy in women can also result in this condition.   

Women and men who are affected by thinning or baldness hair have referred to the most effective hair regrowth therapy to restore their hair. Choosing hair treatment to assist regrow hair can depend on various factors comprising a severity of the hair loss cost of the therapy and patient’s age.

There are several options available for the treatment of hair regrowth. Other treatments are much efficient compared to others, but they all have one goal which is to assist in hair regrowth.  

Hair regrowth Medications

Hair loss Solution in Singapore provides some kind of hair treatment such as Finasteride and Procera that block the production of dihydrotestosterone which is responsible for both male and female baldness pattern.

Minoxidil is another effective hair loss treatment that roughly cures 25% of individuals, especially men suffering from hair loss or baldness at the crown.

Other treatments formulated for women are not safe for me, especially pregnant women of the child-bearing stage. Provillus comprise the natural ingredient that prevents the production of DHT, which is safe for women. It terminates hair loss and enhances hair regrowth.

Hair regrowth is mostly applied as the topical cream or oral intake. Sometimes they can result from contrary side effects. Therefore, they must be taken with great caution or specifically when prescribed by a certified physician.

Nutritional Exercise and Supplement

A healthy diet containing minerals and vitamins can also greatly help stop the hair loss and encourage hair regrowth. Exercises may as well help in hair regrowth by enhancing the circulation blood.

Scalp Massage Treatment

Similar to exercise, scalp massage can also enhance blood circulation. It can be combined aromatherapy using lavender oil and stress relieve bay. Because of its relaxation effects and an increase in blood circulation, the regrowth of new hair will occur.

Herbal Supplements therapy

The herbal supplement is the best hair loss solution in Singapore that involve minerals formulation and natural herbal product to promote hair regrowth. The extracts from Saw palmetto has been recognized with its efficient effects of preventing the production of DHT which supports hair follicle to degenerate, hence slowing down or stop hair loss.

Most natural supplements don’t have or have minimal side effects. Topical creams that contain herbal supplement are available and oral supplement drugs as well.

Surgery for hair transplant

This is the most expensive hair regrowth therapy option whereby a hair follicle transplant is done down into the root. The cost of hair transplant surgery goes up to $20,000 and it is only available for the individuals who can afford it. However, you can have a remarkable opportunity for hair growth success by just eating a healthy diet, regular exercise and enough rest.