Is Masturbation A Threat To A Partner Love Life?

Although masturbation is not one of the topics of our everyday conversations, it has a stable place in the lives of most men and some women. How to use it to your advantage, and when can it be a problem?

Masturbation as a workout

Fitting self-repentance into a development form may be a bit simplified, but for men suffering from a rapid climax, this form of training is often recommended. Under the principle of “know your limits,” men try to work to know the point that they must not cross so that they do not end too soon during intercourse.

Fildena 100 and Fildena 150 can be helpful in this case for men with a rapid climax that may delay ejaculation and enjoy sex longer. In addition, it will support your adventure and can help strengthen the relationship. It is also recommended to engage in partner sex more often, as a longer “pause” will quite naturally cause ejaculation to accelerate during further intercourse.

No problem until

Engaging in masturbation stems from a natural need and is not intended to replace partner sex. However, a problem can arise when masturbation is enough for a man as a form of satisfaction. If a man visualizes other women who are overtaking their partner in sexual fantasies, sex with her can be tedious.

Experts agree that different types of “solo sex” on the partner’s part are the most common manifestation of the partner’s problems and are not a medical problem. Partners often describe their half as addicted to sex.

Masturbation is not an unhealthy habit, but if you masturbate several times a day and avoid having sex with your partner, consider the impact on the relationship and visiting a professional.

The solution to “boredom in bed” exists, in the form of inspiration in the Zerexsutre sex manual. Thanks to tips from the book, you can get to know your mutual needs, fantasies, and gradually eliminate them.

Masturbation – pros and cons

For example, the fact that high blood pressure can improve high blood pressure, benefit heart health, and increase the body’s resistance increases in favor of partner sex. Masturbation does not have these benefits. On the other hand, masturbation can help reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

If self-repentance is an activity that a man engages in and at the same time has a full sexual life with it, it is not necessary to attribute negative meaning to it. Think of it as a “complement” to active sex life. However, if he is the only sex he has in a partnership, it requires finding the problem that causes this fact.