A Guide To The Latest Sterilization Products

If you are looking to shop for dental supplies, it is important to remember to stock up on sterilization products and equipment. It can be all too easy to skip past these essentials when you are doing your shop, so we thought we’d make this process easier by detailing the top five products that you need to buy. Failure to buy these products means you will increase the likelihood of infections and contamination, which can be bad for patients. Here are the products, on sale at GPS Dent, that we would recommend you buy.  

Nylon Sterilization Tubing 

Make sure you stock up on Nylon Sterlization Tubing to be used with the heat sealer above. In our tests, we found that the tubing was able to remain pliable after heat sterilization, even when it is subjected to a temperature of up to 425°F. The tubing is suitable for use with an autoclave and deals well with chemical sterilizers. Each roll contains 100 ft of tubing, so this roll will last for a long time! 

Autoclave Tape

Autoclave tape is another essential to buy before you complete your dental supplies shop. The tape provides autoclave bags with an air-tight seal, which prevents any contamination from occurring. We found that it also works well with CSR wraps and tubing. To activate the autoclave tape for use, all you need to do is use steam and chemical steriliziers. Each roll of autoclave tapes comes with 60 yards of tape.

Heat Sealer & Accessories 

The Heat Sealer and accompanying accessories are a great way to quickly seal sterilization tubing made of nylon in a quick and efficient manner. The heat sealer is UL-certified, so you can rest assured knowing it meets all the latest safety standards. It took us around 2 seconds to seal, which is lightening quick! Made of the finest stainless steel, this is a product that is built to last. 

Indicator Strips – STEAM 1 3/16″ X 2 3/4″ 600/BX

Another product to remember are these steam sterilization indicator strips. Beware though, these indicator strips are only suitable for steam sterilization exclusively. These particular sterilization strips are available in the following size of 1-3/16″ x 2-3/4″ (30mm x 70MM). 

Sterilization Pouches with Built-in Internal Indicator

Lastly, remember to stock up on these Sterilization Pouches with Built-in Internal Indicator. Each box comes packaged with 100 pouches.

For other sterilization products, make sure you check out GPSI Dental to view what they have for sale – https://www.gpsidental.com/.