What Form Of Preventive Measures You Should Take During The Months Of Pregnancy?

In our society women are considered prestigious. She has the rare honor of giving birth to a baby. During the stages of pregnancy, a certain amount of care needs to be exercised as she is holding another person within her body. You can go on to consult a gynecologist in airoli Navi Mumbai and she will go on to advise you what sort of preventive measures that need to be taken and this can be classified under the following heads.

  • Avoid standing in a long queue for a long time

The pelvic pressure increases with an increase in the size of the baby within the stomach due to the pressure and the lower back pain increases. At this point of time, the lady is not supposed to stand for a long period and sufficient bed rest needs to be provided to her.

  • Care

Guardians are requested to take care of the pregnant lady and at this point of time go on to provide mental support for her. Ideally, when she is tired she needs to take a rest and when she is hungry needs to have food on time.

  • Exercise

In this situation, a woman is bound to experience pain and aches and to get rid of the pain you can opt for some form of yoga exercises.

  • Diet

There is no compromise on a proper diet during the stages of pregnancy. Junk, oils and foods rich in proteins should be avoided at this point of time. Any food which goes on to cause constipation needs to be avoided as well. The diet should be supplemented with fibrous and foods rich in proteins. Any form of alcohol or drugs is a strict no during the stages of pregnancy.

  • Posture

A woman should take care of the fact that her posture is correct at the time of standing, sitting or walking. If the posture has complications, it is bound to have an impact during delivery and then the position of the baby is also disturbed.

  • Sound sleep

A pregnant lady should go on to have a proper amount of sleep during this period. The duration of sleep should be for 8 hours at night and during the day time it is suggested that she sleeps for an hour at least.

  • Avoid Tension and stress

Any form of stress or tension should be avoided at this point of time. In fact, a peaceful and happy environment needs to be provided to her. She is not supposed to indulge in any form of worries or tensions ad for the matter of fact; she cannot be in any form of angry mood

  • Comfortable Clothes

Some women go on to wear tight clothes, as they feel that it will make them look slim, but this is the not the case as one should go on to wear slim clothes. The reason for is that the tight clothes affect the movement of the baby which can create a great problem.

A gynecologist in airoli Navi Mumbai will specify the tips mentioned above when you go on to visit her. In addition to this, you would need to visit her for routine checkups. You should speak to her about any concerns which you have.