Everything You Need To Know About Congenital Heart Defect (CHD)

You are often told that heart is the strongest muscle of human body then why does it suffer from damages? I really wish our nation India to become one nation free from heart problems. Every life that goes because of heart attacks or similar heart disorders makes me feel pain and that troubles almost everyone across India.

CHD stands for Congenital Heart Disorder. This defect is normally seen in the structure of the heart during birth.

Common Symptoms of CHD are:

  1. Rapid breathing
  2. Skin looking blue
  3. Poor weight gains since birth
  4. Tiring Nature develops

Normally, a child or a person with CHD can have any symptom, some may be normal whereas some may even be life threatening. There are cases when this defect leads to heart failures.

Who can be a victim to CHD is still a mystery but possibilities are listed below?

Often people say Karma is everything. How can a child who is still not born responsible for his de-structured heart? Is it his fault? No, not at all. There are few situations during women pregnancy which may lead to CHD in her child.

  • If you become victim to disease called Rubella in pregnancy
  • If you consume alcohol in pregnancy
  • If tobacco intake is there in pregnancy
  • Parents getting intimate often
  • Poor nutrition intake in body
  • Maybe overweight mothers or obese mothers can lead to CHD in their about to come, babies.
  • Also genetically, if one of the parents already faces congenital heart defect then it is more likely to come in their babies.

Next topic to discuss here is, there are two types of CHD:

  1. Cyanotic Heart defects – child turns blue in skin color
  2. Non-Cyanotic Heart defects- child doesn’t turn bluish

Congenital Heart defects can be prevented in following ways:

  1. By getting Rubella Vaccination
  2. Adding iodized salt to regular diet
  3. Adding folic acid to certain food intake items

If you are lucky enough, then some CHD patients never demand treatments for a lifetime whereas in some cases, you can treat yourself with catheter-based procedures or might have to go with a heart surgery.

In rare cases, heart transplantation is also suggested! If you have a good efficient doctor to treat you, then you don’t have to worry at all. You can come out perfectly fine from CHD treatment.

If you have CHD disease, then what should be your next step?

First, see your symptoms. Keep a note of it and meet a good heart specialist or cardiologist. Go for online appointment websites as they are good medical tourism partners who would recommend you the best doctor in India for your treatment.

They will ask you to share your reports. Their expert team will personally consult the best doctors all over the nation and sets up an appointment for you. In fact, from accommodation to transport everything will be executed by them. In fact, if you go directly to any heart surgeon, you hardly would get desired time and will have to wait for long. Your cost of congenital heart defects in India would be even higher than what entire plan these medical tourism partners would give.

So, trust a good medical partner and go ahead for becoming free from CHD.