Breastfeeding After The Process Of Breast Surgery

For most women surgery of one kind is common. This might include breast augmentation to enlarge or r to decrease the size of the breasts. Now the question is can you breastfeed  after a surgery. Yes ,you can breastfeed after surgery, but how successful it is depends upon the type of surgery and how it was being performed. Even if you are able to produce some amount of milk, breastfeeding would be good for your baby as then you can supplement it with some sort of formula. So this answers the question Can you breastfeed with implants.

Milk is formulated in the glandular tissue of the breast and then travels to the nipples, through what are referred to as milk ducts. If you have had surgery on the breasts, the chances are that the milk ducts may be interrupted or damaged in any way. In case of some surgeries milk ducts are cut, whereas in case of others this is not the case. Even if they are cut there is no need to panic as milk will be restored to the nipple after a certain point of time.

If you had any form of breast surgery, and still want to continue the process of breastfeeding, then it is better to seek expert opinion of a doctor. If possible, hand over them the medical records of your surgery and make it a point that the baby’s pediatrician knows that you have had surgery and pays attention to the growth of the baby.

The surgery, which is undertaken to increase the size of your breasts is referred to as augmentation and it is undertaken through silicon implants. They are placed beneath the natural tissue of your breasts or the chest muscles. Breastfeeding after breast augmentation is possible as most ladies produce a decent amount of milk.

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The implants are not known to interfere with the process of breastfeeding, as they are beneath the natural breast tissue, but the manner in which they are inserted sometimes goes on to create a problem. To avoid any form of visible scarring, what the surgeons do is that they insert the implants through an incision at the edge of the areola, the bumpy tissue around the nipple. This could sever the milk ducts and not interfere with the supply of milk.

Breast reduction surgically involves removal of the breast tissue and formulates them into a smaller size. It all boils down on what is the size of the breasts you want. One thing for sure any form of surgery which is done on the breasts is bound to reduce the supply of milk for sure. But women who have had breast reduction surgery undertake can still feed their babies. But the amount will not be enough and they would need to supplement it with other supplements.

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 If you had any surgery on the breasts and thinking about breast feeding it will not be a bad idea to consult a lactation consultant. They are trained professionals who guide mothers on how to feed a baby.