The Benefits Of Exercise And Tailored Physiotherapy Programs

Lack of exercise can have several definite effects on your body, the most serious of which can be premature death, according to medical studies. Fortunately, this is rare, with only one in ten early deaths being caused by no exercise throughout a lifetime. But when you don’t get regular exercise, at least a few times each week, you’ll feel less permanent effects that will still be serious enough.

It’s also been shown that people who don’t get regular exercise are more likely to suffer from depression. Physical activity produces chemical changes in the body that reduce anxiety and help prevent an array of mood disorders. You may also find that your bones will gradually lose density and durability if you don’t stay active. Exercise focused on weight-bearing actions can help preserve bone density.

Specific to Women

These problems can afflict both men and women who fail to exercise on a regular schedule, but there are some issues specific to women which you might avoid if you take the opportunity to work with the professionals offering women’s health physio in Perth. For example, women might experience weakness in the pelvic floor muscles due to menopause, childbirth, and pregnancy. Working with a trained and skilled physiotherapist can get you started on an exercise program tailored to your specific needs.

Many women experience problems with bladder weakness, or an overactive bladder, at some point in their lives. Physiotherapy focusing on these issues can deliver surprising results, thus helping to restore continence and reduce or eliminate leakage. If you have pain during and after intercourse, a physiotherapist can assess this condition and may be able to treat the cause of pain directly, as well as help you manage the problem in the future.

As you can see, there are distinct benefits to any sort of moderate exercise, as long as you pursue it on a consistent basis. But the benefits are multiplied when you work with professionals who can produce a program tailored specifically for you and your physical needs. You may want to talk with a member of the team about such programs as prenatal or postnatal pelvic floor checks, rehabilitation of the pelvic floor, as well as assistance and advice concerning gynaecological surgery.

An Educated Consumer

When you have established a good working relationship with physiotherapists in your area, you not only have access to these specific programs, you can also depend on them to provide accurate information about general health. For example, do you want to know more about the benefits of natural juices in your diet? Would you like to understand how remedial massage can help you feel better and move more comfortably? Take a few minutes to talk to an experienced physiotherapist today and you will benefit for the rest of your life.