Are You Planning To Vape When You Are Pregnant?

If you are a regular smoker, in order to reduce the frequency of smoking or quitting it altogether, electronic cigarettes or Vaping is considered to be a safe choice. But vaping while pregnant is a strict no as it does put nicotine into your body. For the matter of fact even a breastfeeding mother is advised not to smoke electronic cigarettes.

An electronic cigarette is incorporated with nicotine based service. Some may resemble to be a bit futuristic whereas others resemble a real cigarette. There is a catridge with a battery coupled with varied flavours. In fact the liquid inside the vapour does heat up and this is referred to as Vaping. In the case of a regular cigarette smoke reaches out to your lungs by burning tobacco. The smoke of tobacco composes thousands of toxic chemicals. The vapour that emerges from an electronic cigarette does has serious implications which we will pen down in a minute. Traces of chemicals like nickel or chromium are present that is indeed dangerous to a pregnant lady. The liquids which are part of an electronic cigarette is not that well regulated. Most of them are known to contain chemicals or flavouring agents. No studies on the safety aspect of inhaling these vapors have been studied till now, let it be with pregnant women as well.

The thing that stands out is there are some serious misconceptions pertaining to e cigarettes. Close to 40 % of women who were part of the survey voiced their opinion that they considered it to be safe than regular cigarettes. 61 % felt that it could be addictive in nature, and 57 % were of the opinion that it contained nicotine. Among the topic of research 13 % of people went on to use e cigarettes and of the ones that did they did consider it to be safe than a regular dose of cigarettes.

Now coming back to the question is Vaping safe during pregnancy. The basic fact is that electronic cigarettes do put nicotine into your body and this is the same situation with regular cigarettes as well. No safe level of nicotine exposure has been found out till now, let alone be pregnant women. But when there is exposure to nicotine it alters the brain structure coupled with function of the babies. When tobacco products are used during pregnancy it can lead to miscarriage, birth defects along with infant baby syndrome. Nicotine, be it from regular or traditional cigarettes also reflect in your breast milk as well.

In the world that all of us are part of, no woman should be a smoker. But this is the not the case as women who smoke do become pregnant. Immediately if a woman finds out that she is pregnant then smoking should be stopped on an immediate basis. If you are into smoking and become pregnant then have a discussion with your doctor on how to quit smoking. Their advice would be of immense value.