5 Subtle Anti-Ageing Solutions For Reducing Fine Lines And Wrinkles

It is a universal fact that we all want to stay feeling and looking young. With fine lines and wrinkles appearing on our faces at a progressive rate, we are finding it harder to disguise the fact that we are ageing. Therefore, if we could find an anti-ageing treatment London that could prevent or reduce those pesky fine lines and wrinkles, then for those of us who are at a more mature age, it will help us to feel young at heart!

#1 Honey

This may sound like a strange idea; however bee’s honey is excellent for keeping wrinkles at bay. Simply apply it to your face, gently massage it into your skin and then after 15 minutes, rinse it off. By repeating this every day, or every other day, it will help to moisturise your skin and rejuvenate it, giving you that desired younger appearance.  

#2 Facials

An anti-ageing facial is perfect for reducing fine lines and wrinkles and, because it doesn’t involve any surgery, it is a subtle treatment. The facial promotes new collagen growth through skin infusion, microdermabrasion and many other innovative techniques.

#3 Moderate Sun Exposure

Although we all love tan, high amounts of exposure to the sun is one of the main causes of premature skin ageing and can result in fine lines, wrinkles and even sagging skin. If you are unable to avoid the sun, then try and protect your skin from it as much as possible by avoiding going outside at peak times, wearing sun cream and lounging in a hat where appropriate.  

#4 Exfoliate Regularly

By using face scrubs and face peels at home, you can assist your skin in looking younger and more radiant regular exfoliation will prevent ageing by hydrating your skin  and preventing your face from looking dull and dry.

#5 Use Alma Powder

By mixing Alma powder, honey, yogurt and hot water together, you can make a face pack, which is incredibly easy to apply. It should only be applied once or twice a week to you face, and if your skin shows any reaction to the face mask, then you should discontinue using it immediately, as with any products used on your skin.

Alma powder helps to combat wrinkles on your face, by increasing the suppleness in your skin, and stimulating collagen production. Due to the powder being rich in vitamin C, you will begin to notice any fine lines or wrinkles being smoothed out, in only a few weeks.

These top tips will help you to combat ageing in your skin and allow you to achieve that overall younger look you have been aiming for. Remember though, aging is natural, so don’t be embarrassed by some fine lines or wrinkles. Be proud of your skin and who you are. As previously mentioned, if you experience any irritation or reaction from using any product on your skin, you must stop using the product instantly and contact a specialist or your doctor.