Cannabis concentrates (sometimes more commonly known as “dabs”) come in many different varieties. Most people think that cannabis concentrates are a sticky, almost liquid like substance. But, there are concentrates which are solid in state.

Here are some of the different types of concentrates that you will undoubtedly come across.



The driest consistency of all the cannabis concentrates that are available is Crumble. This concentrate should easily be able to be broken down into smaller sizes, as the name suggests.It is favoured by people who like to use concentrates without the need of a tool. We would recommend however not to use parchment paper and make use of glass container with a lid to store your Crumble.


This concentrate is a stable and glass like concentrate which will break into smaller pieces, just like glass, when it hits a hard surface. Most types of Shatter will be smooth, but there are other types of Shatter that have adhesive tendencies. When inserting Shatter into your nail, it is possible to just insert it using your fingers, or it is possible to melt it in with a lighter, depending on your preferences. Many people believe that Shatter is the purest concentrate available. Unlike Crumble, it can be stored in parchment paper.



Wax is a sticky type of concentrate. It is recommended to only handle it using a dab tool.If you try to use it with your hands, you will more than likely end up being in a right mess! The sappier type of Wax tends to be from concentrates that contain THC (decarboxylated) or CBD. It is possible to store Wax in parchment paper or a glass container.


Budder comes between wax and crumble with a consistency that resembles a thick paste. Budder comes from whipping the Shatter and it eventually becomes Budder when heat is applied. It can be hard to insert Budder into your tool, so we would recommend that if you want to use this concentrate, put it in a freezer for quarter of an hour to make it more solid. In terms of storage, it is ok to store it in parchment paper, or in a glass container, whatever you prefer.



It is possible to get cannabis concentrates that are manufactured with Carbon Dioxide as opposed to Butane. This results in an oil, which can be inserted into your tool using a syringe. You will certainly notice a taste difference between a concentrate that is made with Butane instead of Carbon Dioxide. It is recommended that you keep your Oil in a silicon container.

For more information on what cannabis concentrates to use, talking with your local dispensary can be useful. Locate your nearest dispensary by using the dispensaries near me open now tool.