When used properly and sensibly, anabolic steroids can provide great results. The use of these steroids is, however not prescribed for enhancement of physical performance.

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About Steroid Cycles

In the early phases, there were only few clinical researches on how steroids can affect performance and physical enhancement. Due to absence of such data, people developed dosages and cycles on their own, generally through trial and error methods.

However, now all that has changed and there are many clinical studies that have examined the effects of these steroids for enhancing physical performance and physique.

It has been shown by studies that anabolic steroids give greatest benefits if used in a logical sequence, such sequence is known as a steroid cycle. Athletes and body builders often make use of term “on-cycle” for referring the time when they take steroids.

The period when one is not taking steroids is called as “off cycle” where the mean cycle is about six to 11 weeks long. Few people also prefer to take one or more steroids at once, which are known as stacking. Such a practice leads to massive increase in mass and body strength, which cannot be delivered by a single steroid.

Though oral steroids are generally quick acting and provide faster results, such steroids can be however toxic for a longer period. Therefore, some people who take oral steroids for initial few months and then go for injectible steroids.

Injectible steroids take time in showing the effects. Therefore, people looking for quick gains should take more than normal dosage of anabolic steroids on a daily basis. However, it’s important to discuss your health care practitioner about the dosage you should take.

Safety Issues with Steroid Cycles

The first and foremost concern when you start anabolic steroids is your safety. If used for therapeutic purpose, these steroids are safe, however if you start to abuse them, the way some bodybuilders do, then it won’t take much time in getting harmful for you.

  • Don’t Take It For Bodybuilding Before Age of 25

Some teenagers desire bodies like bodybuilders after seeing their pictures in newspapers and magazines. They hear about anabolic steroids which can assist in gaining mass and therefore, they start to experience with them. However, they are unaware of the fact that bodybuilders put lot of hard work for getting such muscular body.

Moreover, they are also unaware of the fact that at their age, there is no steroid in the world that can provide them a bodybuilder type body. No person should take steroids before 25 years and should switch to it only if he/she has been lifting weights for minimum 5 years.

  • First Cycle Should Have Testosterone Only

The first cycle of steroids should have only testosterone and nothing else. Indeed, it can be repeated numerous times, but with proper off cycles with still providing great results. Testosterone is the basic anabolic steroid which is the safest of all anabolic, as our body already produces Testosterones and is therefore used to it.


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